Sagt om Symfoniorkestern:

Hello Ms. Fagelund

"I am an American musician who was in Stockholm several years ago composing music for a theatre piece. I was staying at the af chapman hostel in the heart of Stockholm.

On my only day off while I was there, I was walking around the city, enjoying the sights and I saw these little posters everywhere titled "Opus Norden" I do not speak or read Swedish but I could make out something like Musik and Orkester and wondered when and where this music would be performed.

Finally I took down one of the posters and took it to someone who could translate it for me. They said that it would be a music concert performed in the Royal Palace that very evening.

I went and saw one of the best orchestral performances of my limited experience.

The intonation, passion, attitude that I saw was very inspiring to me. I was deeply impressed that a group of Scandinavian players had gotten together to perform music by Scandinavian composers.

I was very impressed by your performance as a conductor.

I really enjoyed the concert very much. My time in Stockholm was very magical on many levels and your concert was one of the most magical moments of my time there.

Anyway, I just came across mention of you and your group on a website and it listed your email address so I thought I would write you a fan letter. Thank you for your talent, beauty and dedication to your art."

Sincerely, Tim Gray